Last Update: 23/11/14

Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association

Coordinators and Deputies may now use this logo in their stationery.  Please click here for guidelines and the logo image.    

For Police non-emergency cases dial 101   In emergencies please always dial 999

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• All NPTs have a Community Engagement Plan which makes reference to Watch groups.

• Cumbria Community Messaging (CCM) provides one vehicle for communicating with registered Watch schemes, and / or those registered on the system who are not Watch scheme members.

• Messages can be sent through CCM by e mail, text message or voice mail.

• NW Champions and staff members tasked with supporting watch groups can use CCM for a variety of communication tasks, but it does not eliminate the need for attendance at meetings, periodic visits or telephone contact.

• CCM is licensed to CNWA with Cumbria Constabulary, Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service and Cumbria County Council utilising the system as Information Providers.

• CCM has two parts;

• A public facing part through which account holders receive messages, communicate with individuals in their own watch group, and

• An administration (private) part accessible only to the licence holder (CNWA) and system administrators from Information Providers

• System administrators within Cumbria Constabulary have the ability to send messages to users on CCM.

• Any person can register as a user on CCM

• In 2012, a system of grading Neighbourhood Watch users on CCM will be introduced. This will indicate whether

• The scheme has been verified by certification of the e mail account (automated system)

•The scheme has been determined to meet CNWA Standards

• The scheme is recognised by the police

• Administrators will have the ability to exclude users from receipt of messages if not police approved.

• Alternative group membership will have fewer grading steps, but the police will have the ability to signify whether they are recognised or not, and the ability to exclude ‘unrecognised’ users from messages.

• Members of the public who do not have access to a computer can complete a registration form (below) which can be sent to the address on the form, or handed back into a police station. If handed into a police station, the NPT in which the applicant resides should add the applicant to CCM.

Registration Form