Last Update: 23/11/14

Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association

Coordinators and Deputies may now use this logo in their stationery.  Please click here for guidelines and the logo image.    

For Police non-emergency cases dial 101   In emergencies please always dial 999

ACTIONFRAUD The UK's national fraud and internet crime reporting centre

Barrow CDRP Seek Watch Swap

Click the above link for a Watch Exchange

Beware New Mastercard Visa Credit Card Scam

Please read the following police advisory.

New Credit Card Scam Advisory

Be advised that you should never give your three digit credit or debit card security number to cold callers, i.e. strangers who call you and ask for it.

Fraudsters may try this on with other card types too. Remember - your card issuing company would never ask you for your card details because they know them already.

Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Response

To Policing Priorities Consultation

Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association (CNWA) response to the Letter dated 11 November, 2008 entitled “Policing Priorities for 2009 -12”