Last Update: 23/11/14

Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association

Coordinators and Deputies may now use this logo in their stationery.  Please click here for guidelines and the logo image.    

For Police non-emergency cases dial 101   In emergencies please always dial 999

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Getting a scheme started

Neighbourhood Policing Teams have primary responsibility for engagement with communities in the establishment and maintenance of Watch groups.

Watch groups may take many forms.

Neighbourhood Watch (NW) Schemes

National Neighbourhood Watch website  has information about setting up and running a scheme.

Make an appointment to speak to NPT.

Schemes decide themselves what they want to do with regard to appointing a Scheme Coordinator, having meetings and addressing local issues.

When a scheme is established, register on Cumbria Community Messaging system - - then click on ‘register’ (Top left corner) and follow directions, or the NPT can do it on their behalf (see Communication). Cumbria Community Messaging provides a platform for communication between the stakeholders in Neighbourhood Watch (the County Council; Fire and Rescue; Community Safety Partnerships) and schemes. It also registers schemes so that they get coverage under the Public Liability Insurance and provides a mechanism for communication within schemes. (A pdf document outlining the registration and mapping process is available under ‘Communiation’, and instructional DVDs will be available on the National Neighbourhood Watch website in 2012)

To ensure your registration as a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator is picked up by Cumbria Constabulary, and you receive the appropriate level of support and advice, please e mail with notification of your registration on CCM.

Once registered, the Scheme Coordinator and other people in a scheme might consider taking positive steps to reduce victimisation such as marking their property and or installing CCTV systems.

Promoting the existence of a scheme is core to the objectives of crime prevention and reducing the fear of crime. Advice on procuring signs is available below.

Farm Watch

Farm Watch schemes are predominantly individual premises and not collectives of farms.

The principles of Farm Watch membership are similar to NW schemes in that they seek to reduce the risks of victimisation and reduce the fear of crime.

Farm workers are also vital sources of intelligence. Building sustainable relationships with this community, providing them with timely crime and incident data, and a means by which they can provide intelligence to the police are critical to the prevention and detection of crime in rural communities.

Where a scheme is established, they need to register on Cumbria Community Messaging system - - then click on ‘register’ (Top left corner) and follow directions.

Signage and SmartWater differ slightly from NW  in that signs are instantly available (because they are erected on private property) and SmartWater packs are larger to meet the needs of commercial premises.

Farmwatch Leaflet

Replacement signs are available to existing schemes from the Safer & Stronger Communities Manager, Andy Baines, 101 Ext 53214).


Farmwatch members should also be encouraged to join the Trespass Scheme.

Alternative Watch schemes

Shop Watch and Pub Watch do not fall under the umbrella of CNWA but do form part of  Cumbria Constabulary’s strategy to address crime and disorder in retail and licensed premises. Consult your NPT champion regarding local arrangements

Horse Watch, Allotment Watch, Boat Watch, School Watch, Small Business Watch, Church Watch (National Churchwatch) and Hotel Watch are all communities of interest which enable residents and organisations in Cumbria to identify their area of interest and expertise, and which allow the Constabulary to target messages more effectively.