Last Update: 23/11/14

Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association

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For Police non-emergency cases dial 101   In emergencies please always dial 999

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How Neighbourhood Watch Works

Neighbourhood Watch is a means of developing and improving the liaison between the community, the Police, the Fire and Rescue services, Local Authorities and other organisations.

The aims of Neighbourhood Watch are to:

Whatever the level of local crime rate it is important that the local community and the Police work together in partnership to prevent and detect crime and anti-social behaviour.

Neighbourhood Watch Schemes.

Individual schemes differ depending on the area. Most schemes are set up with the co-operation of the local Police in particular through Neighbourhood Policing Teams. Schemes are run locally to address local needs or problems and are supported by local Police Officers and the other agencies involved in Neighbourhood Watch (see Partnerships page).

Each Neighbourhood Watch scheme is a community initiative supported (not run) by the Police, the Fire and Rescue services and Local Authorities. Neighbourhood Watch gives people the chance to get to know and help each other better, particularly the more vulnerable.

A scheme can be as big or as small as a Coordinator wishes. A maximum of about 25 residential properties is recommended.

Each scheme has a volunteer Coordinator who:

Members of a scheme can take steps to prevent crime, improve safety and reduce the fear of crime. The more each member is involved the better a scheme can ensure that:

The success of each scheme depends on what the members make of it.

Neighbourhood Watch is recognised as having a real role to play in reducing crime and anti social behaviour.

Voice Connect – making a large County seem smaller

Voice Connect is a communication system which enables us to pass police information on to all our volunteer . This information can be received in three ways:

Coordinators can specify how and at what times they wish to receive the messages and so can play an active role in looking after their community as part of a network which can easily and rapidly circulate vital information. This enables the Police and other services to respond to criminal activity and community issues in more effectively and efficiently, resulting in safer communities in which people live, work and visit.

There is an excellent example of Voice Connect at work during a recent fire in Ambleside. View this by clicking here.

To find out if there is a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, or other type of Watch already running in your area, please contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team.