Last Update: 23/11/14

Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association

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According to the British Crime Survey 36 per cent of burglaries occur in properties with unlocked doors and windows and this new campaign aims to make people aware of the very simple steps they can take to protect their homes and valuables.

Gillian Guy, Chief Executive of Victim Support, said:

"When violent crime so often dominates the headlines it's easy to forget that burglary affects thousands of people every year. As well as affecting many, we at Victim Support know just how traumatic the experience can be for victims.

We welcome the Government's quick action in response to the recent rise in burglaries and hope this package of interventions helps to tackle the problem quickly and effectively."

Marion Lewis, Chair of Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (England and Wales), said:

“Neighbourhood Watch welcomes and fully supports this campaign as it encourages people to take personal action and responsibility for their home security. Reminding people of the simple things they can do to minimise risk can be very effective and this campaign will encourage people to take suitable precautions.

Neighbourhood Watch will work closely with neighbourhood policing teams to distribute the government’s crime prevention advice and also use local meetings and engagement opportunities to provide crime prevention information to the public. “

The new campaign is part of government action aimed at helping people to increase their personal security and avoid becoming victims of crime during the economic downturn. It uses materials from the successful Let’s Keep Crime Down campaign, which won an Institute of Practitioners in Advertising Gold Award in 2008 for demonstrating advertising effectiveness.

For more information, go to the Home Office website.