Last Update: 23/11/14

Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association

Coordinators and Deputies may now use this logo in their stationery.  Please click here for guidelines and the logo image.    

For Police non-emergency cases dial 101   In emergencies please always dial 999

ACTIONFRAUD The UK's national fraud and internet crime reporting centre

 Office of Fair Trading - Rogue Trader Awareness Campaign  Launched Wednesday 21st July 2010.

Buying goods or services from the home or on the doorstep can be convenient but rogue doorstep trading is a serious problem in the UK. People can be pressurised in to buying something or agreeing to work they don't need or want, is not good value for money or is of poor quality. According to Consumer Direct, home repairs and services are the top doorstep selling complaints.


 The campaign aims to:

•  Raise awareness of rogue doorstep selling through your local newspapers, websites and radio;

•  Bring the issue to life and build confidence in people to say 'no' via activities that can be carried out as a group or in a

•  one-on-one setting;

•  Provide access to leaflets and booklets, distributing them to people who are vulnerable to rogue doorstep traders,

•  Provide access to information on how friends and family can help by educating and supporting vulnerable people

 A resource pack for Community groups is available from the National Neighbourhood watch website -

 The revised, nationally devised distraction burglary leaflet, has been attached to this message (Click Here) and sent to all Neighbourhood Policing Teams in Cumbria.

 Rogue Traders and Distraction Burglary will be highlighted on July 21st, but remains a priority for police and partners throughout the year.

 Neighbourhood Watch members are asked to be vigilant, report suspicious activities / crime to the police (845 3300247) or Action Fraud team (0300 1232040), and take positive steps in identifying vulnerable persons in your community. The materials attached to this message or available elsewhere can be used to educate vulnerable residents about what they can do to protect themselves. If you do not feel comfortable with this, please refer the potentially vulnerable person to another agency who can help, for example your local Age UK (0800 169 6565)